Welcome to Day 0: Whole Food Eating

Thanks for dropping by! My name’s Joe and if you’re here, you’re probably also following my Instagram account (more on that later).

I used to have another blog a few years ago: Tasty Travels. One night I decided to go onto Blogspot and start typing, typos and all. At that time, I was moving on up in the Urbanspoon (now Zomato) rankings while taking pics of the most carb-fueled, high octane foods in the area.  The amount of carbs I was consuming per week was astronomical. I’m serious, check it out: CulinaryStuff

Fast forward to 2018. I changed my way of eating and switched to a Keto lifestyle and have found myself with a mildly successful Instagram account, KetoCulinaryStuff. There, you’ll primarily find foods I eat on a daily basis, the random quote post, and the occasional gym pic.

After nudges from a few people, I decided to start a new blog to provide more insight on what I do behind the scenes. Here, you’ll mostly find food pics, but also some thoughts on the protocol, and what I’m most asked for — recipes.

Now to the heart of this post. If you’ve scrolled through my Instagram feed, you’ll see a lot of beautifully plated foods that’ll make you wish we were neighbors so I could cook for you. Okay, maybe not. However, you’ll notice a lot of the foods are Keto versions of traditional carby fare. Although keeping my carbs low with these foods and hitting the gym on a daily basis has helped me shed almost 70lbs, I’ve recently toyed with the idea of moving towards a more whole food approach. While I really enjoy my Keto snacks and frankenfoods, I also want to see what other ways of eating will do for my body and health.

I’ll be following a modified version of the Deeper State Keto 14 Day Meal Plan. Since I was late to the initial enrollment, I’m curious what the full 90 day course is all about, so this would be the best toe-in-the-water approach.

My overall goal is to keep the healthy fats high, low protein, and no more than 10 (ten) total carbs. Also, artificial sweeteners will be limited to only those that are in my Bulletproof Coffee or other drinks; no foods will be prepared with them during the 14 days. I’ll have daily weigh-ins along with glucose and ketone readings. (Thanks to Keto Mojo for hooking me up with a monitor!)

I’ll be posting daily through my IG account and updating my progress on here as well. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, or advice. Thanks again for tuning in!

– Joe

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